I am Frank.

Corporate Banking Expert

I understand complex functional requirements in corporate banking, combined with a deep technical background to see the full picture and strong consulting skills to drive topics forward.
I work at CoCoNet, the digital banking experts. Read my LinkedIn-profile for more details.

Website Creator

In my spare time, I design and implement simple, straightforward responsive web sites. These are mainly technical feasibility demos and do not serve a commercial purpose.

Dozilla.io: A group to do list.

9Blox.com: Create content and collaborate

99q.eu: Play with QR codes

5clicks.net: Create a web page yourself

c99.chat: Chat online.

Unspontan.com: Organize your team


I (try to) travel and photograph the world, previously with a Canon camera on Agfachrome film, now digitally with a Panasonic Lumix camera. Follow me on Instagram.